Monday, 30 November 2009

Wedding hankies for the wedding party!

Men are so difficult to buy for, aren't they! Well, the answer to all your probems! Personalised hankerchiefs for the groomsmen and even for the ladies as well!
Can be embroidered in any colour and lettering style to match your theme, with your own personal message.

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Bridal Bath Robes...

Soft & fluffy bath robes... what a wonderful item to wear as the bride is getting ready on her wedding day? The groom could have one as well... and also all the brdiesmaids! It would make a lovely photo for the wedding album!

Any message could be embroidered, in any colour! Just let you imagination run wild...
"Last day as Miss Smith... first day as Mrs Jones!"

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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Preserve memories of your wedding in jewellery with Shpangle...

I've never heard of this before, and its a lovely idea!

Traditionally, capturing memories of the big day take the form of photographs and videos, but there are often other items which helped make the day special that the bride and groom may have kept but are unsure what to do with. These can be anything from confetti used at the ceremony or table confetti used to decorate the tables at the reception, from flowers to ribbon, wedding favours, or anything else that made the day special.
All these items can be preserved forever and even worn and enjoyed for many years to come in the form of resin jewellery. And it is not just an item of jewellery that could be made to capture flowers or those special memories. Resin preservation can be used to create many items to suit just about anyone. Key-rings, phone charms, bag charms, cufflinks ...there to always remind you of the special day, whether you are the bride, groom or the family members and friends.

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Unique gift for the happy couple...

How about a lamp with a family portrait or group of friends on? Emma makes these unique lamps and you can email her any photo or picture you would like to use.

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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Personalised wedding heart pillow...

These personalised hanging heart pillow are beautiful for the happy couple... they are made in 100% silk and have the name of the bride & groom and date of the wedding embroidered on the front. Ideal to hang on the bed post or door knob!

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Mosaic hearts...

I have been to Patching Farm Christmas Fair this morning and I saw these lovely mosaic hearts...Lily Mosaics make a gorgeous range of gifts (I even might treat myself to an item for my Christmas pressy!)
I thought these hearts would be lovely as a Thank You gift for female members of the wedding party... or even decorate your reception venue?

Check out for more information.

Personalised silk lavender bags... ideal thank you gifts for mum's of the Bride & Groom

When I got married, I tried to make everything as unique as possible and made many items myself. These lavender bags were a great success! They were 100% raw silk and had a name of the front and a personal message on the back... ideal thank you gifts for my mum, and my wonderful Bridesmaids.
I now offer personalised lavender bags through my website, and at only £10 each, a low cost gift that they will keep for years!

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A twist on the standard buttonhole!

I mentioned earlier in my blog that I made embroidered buttonholes for my wedding... well how about this idea... Pixie Doodles makes felted flowers, which would make an unusual alternative to the standard fresh flower! They can be made in any colour to match your wedding and would last forever!

Check out Pixie Doodles Misi Shop for more information.

A fabulous way to wear heirloom jewellery on your special day....

When I got married last year, I wanted to wear something on me of my wonderful Grandma's that both died years earlier. I wore a ring from one Granny and wore a broach from the other on my dress.
Crystal Velvet goes one step further.... Karen takes heirloom jewellery, which could even be broken and remakes them into a gorgeous pieces that you can wear on your special day. What a wonderful way of keeping special people close to you, on such an important day.

Check out Crystal Velvets for more


How about wooden wedding goblets from Bodrighty?

Eat and drink at your wedding breakfast in style! Individually hand crafted wedding goblets with wedding band.

Go to Petes website

Design and make your own wedding bands with Carl Martin!

Well... this is completely original! I wish I knew this service was available when I got married... I would have loved to make my own wedding rings!

Carl Martin offers a two day Wedding Ring Bespoke Course : Design and make your own Wedding bands.

Silver and Gold or a Combination of both.Full Help with design and making your own wedding bands in a Weekend or two day visit.

Please call to discuss your requirements.Rest assured your rings will be ~ "As Individual As You"

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Thursday, 26 November 2009

More unusual cufflinks..

I know I've juts posted some lovely silver cufflinks... but I saw these.. and thought they were wonderful! Tomatomade sell through Esty and make customized jewellery with maps (or other printed paper)of your choice....They make various items incuding cufflinks and necklaces, and they can have a map of a place thats special to you....
These would be gorgeous gifts for the Groom and all the men in the wedding party, but also ideal for anniversary's & birthdays.

Click here to go to there Esty Shop.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Fantastic idea! Cufflinks with grooms finger prints on!

Little Pinkies - London... unique finger print cast cufflinks for the groom ... they can also be personalised with message and date on the back!

Click here to go to Little Pinkies website for more details.

Personalised hankerchief's as Thank You gifts...

As I work with embroidery... I made the guys in the wedding party personalised hankies as Thank You gifts. They can be done in any colour to match your theme, and also any text style to match all of your stationery.
They loved them! You could have any personal message embroidered...initials, name or even a poem!

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Or embroider them with Father of the Bride & Groom?

Find a unique car to travel in!

My first car was a Morris Minor a long time ago!

I managed to find a local company who had a wonderful white Morris Minor convertable called Molly (a name that was special to us, our big ginger Tom, (who was called Molly, a long story why!!) had died the year before).

Our driver Charles was lovely and drove really slow so we could make the most of our journey!

Fantastic venue in the Nottingham countryside....Woodborough Hall....

I research all the venues I could find when we got marries last year... and Woodborough Hall was perfect for us!
The hall has lots of original features, but also a quirky style which we loved!
We had a fantastic wedding there and the staff were so friendly!

Wedding Planner in the East Midlands.....

Tillyboo Events are based in Nottingham and they helped to make our wedding last year so special... I would fully recommend them!

Monogrammed Wedding Stationery & matching embroidered napkins

I decided I like monogrammed wedding stationery and because I have always worked with embroidery, I made matching embroidered napkins for our wedding breakfast. These were also used as favours for our guests, and many took them home to keep as souvenirs!

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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Why read this blog?

A couple of years ago I got engaged.... And this started my passion for planning our big day and making it as unique as possible. I searched for the ideal wedding invitations, but couldn’t find anything “just right”.

I decided to create my own wedding stationery and make it personal to us and therefore as unique as possible. As I have worked in the embroidery business for years, I had the idea to embroider napkins that matched the stationary, these could then also be used as favours for our guests.

I was so pleased by the finished result and I had so many compliments... And also a couple of requests by friends to do their wedding stationery and embroidered napkins.

I have now set up my own business creating beautiful monogrammed wedding stationery and matching embroidered napkins.

I have set up this blog to record our wedding stationery designs, but also, a place to share unique wedding ideas..... I love finding great table decoration, flower styles, or fabulous dress ideas and I will post them on my Unique Wedding Blog.